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Home Builders in Highlands are capable of creating homes of various themes and designs. Country decorating for your home is an awesome experience.  With country decorating ideas, recreate the ambience, pleasures and peacefulness of nature without having to encounter hardships. Gather info on country style decorating ideas. By using old furniture to the colors and materials you desire, create that country feeling in your home that honors that old lifestyle.

Kids Rooms – Use wooden chests, wicker baskets and wooden bookshelves for storing toys, books and stuffed animals. Anchor tall cabinets to the ceiling or walls so they cannot tip over. Avoid using bright colored plastic boxes.

Furniture – Simple lines made of lacquered pine wood works great. A rustic look by finishing it in a distressed, aged way is advisable. For instance, use a coat of paint, and then rub most of the paint off with a cloth. When dried, use wood stain sealer unequally. Or use two paint colors and sandpaper to give a distressed look for previously or unpainted surfaces. Try visiting your local homes decoration or paint store for help with materials and techniques. Also try looking for antiques and handmade products when buying furniture for your country home.

Sofas or Love Seats – country decorating ideas can transform your love seat or sofa. Use a loose floral print “slipcover” for a romantic country feeling. Add padded stools and ottoman for comfort, it’s also a place for drinks or magazines. Add one or more rocking chairs. Traditional country chairs have high backs. For bay windows, consider building a window seat with cushions for a place for reading and relaxing. Tripod side tables are very helpful next to the sofa as a country home decor.

White Cabinets or Antique Cupboards – using these shows your ceramics, pottery, bowls, or glass jars to give a beautiful country style. Not only does this provide storage, it also gives the room a country like essence, especially when earth-ware, stoneware and rustic items are displayed.

Country decorating ideas and styles remind us of the old way of like. Everyday country life was often difficult, filled with physical works that take long hours. Still, country life was simpler and closer to nature without the worries of modern city life.